Google is very transparent with its algorithm, but it does give guidelines and ways to avoid getting banned from its network. The guidelines are very strict, and there are few people that can bypass the algorithms completely.

It’s so very similar to how the search engine works with regards to specific queries, and the site gets penalized if it goes beyond the parameters. They really do put heavy emphasis on quality content, and when you violate the rules, you’re bound to get in trouble.

Google’s social networks, YouTube, and the Google+ community have the same algorithms as the main site. A lot of the guidelines are very specific, so you have to be very aware of what you’re doing if you want to benefit from these. However, it isn’t like you can’t exploit them.

For example, if you only have a handful of friends on Facebook, then they can easily ‘hide’ your links, or your other site links, because they wouldn’t even be able to tell what they were. The only way for you to benefit from these would be to have a very clear link.

If you publish a blog post and don’t include any video, you’re not going to go over the guidelines. What you need to do is find a way to enhance your site to fit with what Google wants. Don’t just submit articles; use them as building blocks for your site.

You should find some software that will work with you and will help you optimize your site for the Google. The tools and web 2.0 features will help you build a site that’s unique, that will stand out from the rest.

You shouldn’t write articles just for the sake of having them out there, and it’s also important to remember that your keywords should never be used in places where they’ll compete with Google. Doing this will lead to you getting banned from the network.

Don’t forget to choose your key phrases wisely, and never go past what the guidelines allow you to do. Your site is very important, and if you’re using the wrong keywords, you can get yourself in trouble.

Remember to optimize your site for what it wants. There are no rules that say you can have a lot of articles without being specific, because the guidelines are very specific.

Once you’re able to get around the guidelines, and you’re able to get yourself in line with Google, you can benefit from the site. This may take time, but once you get this sorted, then you can truly take advantage of the opportunity.

The Google has placed its stamp of approval on the sites that have good content. You have to play by their rules, but as long as you adhere to their guidelines, you’ll be able to keep yourself in a good position.

Even though you may be banned for having a site that does too many things differently from Google, there’s a lot of people that get banned from the search engine results. Remember to follow the guidelines and you’ll be able to reach your goals.