It seems that every day, new studies are released that point to the benefits of digital marketing. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a marketer, the evidence is all around you.

“They tell us we have two weeks left in this economy; time-to-time we hear the same thing,” says Kurt Hickman, co-founder of Ticket Talent International, an online ticket agency. “But our customers haven’t yet moved their business to some other place where it’s less expensive. It’s still easier for them to get tickets to shows and events than it was just a few years ago.”

Digital marketing is now all the rage.

Hollywood has embraced digital marketing, making everything from trailers to promos, to logos and posters available online. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between good digital marketing and bad digital marketing.

Digital marketing can be cheap and effective. However, it has its downside. Many companies mistakenly believe that marketing is simply all about using a different type of advertising to reach an entirely different audience. The cost-effective digital marketing strategies often result in less revenue than conventional methods because those traditional methods to drive customers to your company’s websites.

Digital marketing encompasses multiple forms of media such as social media sites, email newsletters, online forums, and websites. There are also specific uses of each type of media and different forms of audience.

Pay-per-click advertising

In the world of online interactive form of digital marketing, the goal is to build a customer base to sell directly to their friends and fans. This is often done through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which is advertising based on the search terms a person might use to search for a product or service.

An example of pay-per-click marketing is when you have a website that contains keywords people are likely to search for and then place your website in the top spot of their search engine rankings. Once they click on your link, they will become a paying customer.

Pay-per-click advertising allows companies to purchase a space on search engines. You can also place your own links in the search results pages of these search engines in order to bring visitors to your website and create a relationship with the customer.

Another form of digital marketing is pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate marketing. Instead of advertising a product, affiliate marketing requires an individual or business to purchase advertising in exchange for compensation.

Affiliate program includes ads that include links to a company’s products and services. The advertiser pays a referral fee for the member that referred them to the advertisement.

PPC marketing entails creating a website with your own ads placed on it. These advertisements are always in the search results, sometimes in the first page of the search results.

The most common form of online advertising is email marketing. Companies use this form of advertising because it sends out emails not only to clients but also to their friends and family.