We all know that the first and most important element to a website’s online success is how high up in the search engine ranking it gets. And if you’re running a small business, where money is always tight, this can be especially important.

But are you aware of how this happens?

Or, at least, what to expect in your Google Ranking, and how it is so important?

With the use of the internet search engines, all pages from millions of websites, and websites that might not even be ranked on page one. But the rankings are different for different types of pages. The page rank for a single page is usually dependent on its content and its relevance to the page of other sites.

The most searched pages are often in the lead, and are the ones in the spotlight when a search is done by major search engines. Search engine optimization is usually done to keep your web page higher in the ranking and closer to the top. This is how the search engines work.

It starts with a page that has a very low page rank and an ad or something that offers you money to get to page one. This type of SEO is called PPC, Pay per Click, and is used by a lot of webmasters for some traffic to their site, but is just a pitfall that many do not notice.

How much money do you make from your PPC campaign?

Not very much, and probably not a lot of it anyway. So, the ad will not stop the ranking penalty.

For a small business owner, where you don’t have a lot of money to invest, there is another way. This will build your traffic gradually over time, as people find out that you are a reliable source for your products and information.

One thing you can do to improve your Google ranking is to include your contact information in your website and your e-mail address. People love it when they get to know someone personally and will remember your site for a long time.

If you have high page ranks, then you could ask your web visitors to call you with questions or to go to your web site for more information. You’ll get those high page ranks because the web page will attract people, and they will notice you and come back to your web site.

You can also create a blog and give links back to your main website, and use the blog to promote your product. This is a great way to promote and increase your ranking in Google.

For your web page to get higher rankings, and be seen by the search engines, you need to make sure that your web page is informative, up to date, and interesting. People will want to return to your site because they like your style and interesting content.

To achieve a higher ranking for your web page, you need to create more keywords for your web page. Put a lot of keywords and phrases in your titles and headlines, and use them throughout your page content to draw people in and bring them back again.