Web development is a big deal and with its increase, so is the competition. There are many companies that offer web development services and each of them have their own specialization in the field. If you want to hire the best out of all the companies, you need to understand what they do before even asking for an estimate.

Basics of web development

The basic understanding you should have about web development starts from knowing what coding is. You should know the basics of HTML and CSS codes so that you can understand the terms you’ll be using while doing your project.

You should know what a programming language is, what it stands for and how it’s used. For example, in HTML, there are four parts: headings, heading tags, preformatted text, and media content.

Coding is the process of altering and formatting. It can be used to create a web page in different forms like in tables, hyperlinks, images, documents, or software applications. There are various coding techniques that are commonly used like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP, which is a programming language used to code web pages.

There are so many coding styles and languages that are used for creating a dynamic web page, depending on the requirements of the client. For example, if the goal is to attract the visitors to your site, the coding may be coded in the HTML language.

Front-end design

Besides the coding, other elements are also used in front-end design. These elements include fonts, colors, images, images, and colors. The color scheme in the CSS files should be selected according to the theme of the website, keeping in mind the brand identity.

There are programmers who may even be versed in more than two programming languages. This helps them provide better service to the clients. In addition, these programmers work hard to ensure that the quality of the coding is as good as possible.

Programming languages are complex and yet simple. Web developers usually have to be well-versed in both the languages so that they can understand the tasks done by them and how the application will run.

Coding styles vary and web developers may have to use more than one coding style when creating a website. They may use two programming languages to produce one or two websites, or they may use more than two languages to create several websites. It depends on the needs of the company, which can sometimes be different from one another.

In CSS coding, the programming languages used include C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Visual Basic, and Ruby. PHP coding is popular because it’s an open source program that can be easily customized. Its scripting is used to develop complex web pages and also to interface with various other web applications.

In Java, web developers can use Java Script to build web pages. If the need is for more sophisticated programming, PHP is also used.

It is important to find a company that uses the same coding style as well as design elements. By doing this, you can be sure that the codes used will be identical and not let different codes and designs confuse the web developers.